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Do you want a customized artwork made by me? Wonderful, just write me an email to info@fuchskind.de.
No matter if you want a (book) illustration, mascot, comic, banner, offlinescreens or emotes for twitch, illustrations of your pen & paper characters, a T-shirt design or whatever else you can think of! I do private as well as commercial commissioned work, analog and digital.

Attention: There are only a few slots open every month, if you need a commissioned work for a specific date, you should reserve a slot in time!

Here is a little checklist:

  • Would you like to use the commissioned work as a private person or commercially?
  • Do you want a digital or analog commissioned work? Colored or black and white?
  • If analog, what size do you want (A6, A5, A4, etc. or something completely different) and which medium (copy markers/ink or watercolor)?
  • Do you have precise ideas for your commissioned work? Then write me everything I need to know :).

I look forward to your ideas!

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